Strategy Agility Consulting offers customized Risk Management advisory and consulting to diverse business verticals, to enable them understand the Culture of Risk and manage Enterprise Risk through environmental scanning and insightful analysis, based on in depth research into the dynamics of the evolving business environments. Notably, the transmission of opportunities and threats across the landscape of the global economy gives rise to international transmission of business cycles that leads to creation of both unforeseen opportunities and threats. Strategic Agility Consulting observes this fact in the course correct mechanisms.

Our Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) approach offers  reliable and sure shot way to stay ahead of the curve in the industry and sustain strategic competitive advantages by means of extensive business research and consulting for devising solutions to management challenges that accentuate enterprise risk factors in revenue models, delivery models and financing of operations, capacity expansions, mergers, acquisitions and beyond. In short we say, “In order to Stay Relevant, One Should Stay Strategically Agile.”

Through our course correction mechanisms we offer the following services:


  • Corporate level navigation to provide assurance that our clients stay a step ahead of disruptions and are able to propel decision making and direction in a manner that takes advantage of various situations that may arise, which could impact the achievement of the intended
  • Effective scenario analysis and solutions to challenges emanating from a multitude of scenarios, including strategic
  • Paradigm for risk spreading and risk pulling by enhancing effective financial planning and analysis and corporate restructuring for sustained momentum in business growth and shareholders value
  • Enhanced approaches to integrate ERM with business processes and decision making
  • Risk Management approaches in line with Leading Practices, including Internationally Recognized Guiding Standards / Models including ISO 31000 and COSO